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Website Standard Terms and Conditions

The website was established and is operated by the Cameri Theatre with the aim of providing our customers with a convenient means for purchasing tickets and obtaining information about the Theatre, the plays, the creators and the actors.

The website is intended for use by the public and by Theatre subscribers, who enjoy VIP access. The website offers special benefits in addition to those granted to the public.


Website Usage

General Public Ticket Purchasing

To place an order, users will be required to provide various details, such as first name, last name, full address including the street name, number, apartment number, city and zip code, phone number for contact purposes, e-mail address and credit card details. The mandatory fields shall be explicitly marked. Users will be unable to order tickets without completing the mandatory fields. Ticket reservations will be made by credit card and/or subscription card.

The transaction is conditional upon approval by the credit company related the users. Upon completing the transaction, confirmation will be sent to the user’s e-mail address, including the order details and notification that the order was successfully completed.

Users can reach the ticket purchase interface from the main menu at the top of each page – Play, Play Schedule, Ticket Purchase/Quick Purchase or other pages, using the appropriate button.


Subscriber Ticket Redemption/Subscription Renewal

Subscribers are given an ID number and password (which can be changed by choice) to a personal zone on the website, through which they can redeem or renew their subscription, receive notifications of special offers and benefits, receive personal messages and follow plays that they have not yet seen.


Ticket Pickup

Tickets are picked up at the Theatre box office. For box office hours of operation, see the various Cameri Theatre publications. In any event, the box office is open at least one hour prior to performance time (and usually even before).

When the Theatre sets up ticket pickup and sale counters in the lobby, visitors can print out the tickets, using the credit cards used for the purchase or the subscription card.

Where the tickets were purchased with a soldier or student discount, customers will be required to go to the box office and present a valid ID.


Purchasing a New Subscription

New subscriptions are available through the site. Users will select the appropriate subscription and will be required to submit various details. Mandatory details will be explicitly marked in the relevant fields. Users will be unable to complete the purchase without filling in the mandatory fields. The subscription will be purchased by credit card.

The transaction is conditional upon approval by the credit company related to the users. Upon completing the transaction, confirmation will be sent to the user’s e-mail address. The subscription will be sent to the e-mail address provided on the site. Users will be able to redeem the subscription immediately after the purchase by entering the personal zone with the ID and password sent by e-mail.


Failure to Receive Order Confirmation by E-mail

After paying for an order, we will send an automatic message to your e-mail, confirming the order. Where the confirmation was not received, check your SPAM or similar folders. If the confirmation is still not found, perhaps there was an error when entering the e-mail address. In such case, contact Cameri Theatre Customer Service by pressing the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of each page or within the Useful Information link on the main menu of each page.


Cameri Theatre Online Club

You can join the online club easily and quickly from the homepage. Club members will receive current updates and unique benefits.

Users joining the website distribution list hereby agree to receive e-mails with articles, updates, promotional or marketing information. Users will be able to remove their names from the distribution list at any time. Note: Upon each purchase and website registration, be sure to accurately fill in your e-mail address and at least one phone number that is available for contact so that the Theatre can locate you with updates on changes, cancellations, etc.


Cancelling/Returning Tickets Purchased Online

Transactions performed online can be cancelled at the Theatre box office, by fax to +972-3-691-8171 or by e-mail to [email protected]. Send the request under the heading “Online Purchase – Customer Service” and specify the order number, performance name, date, telephone numbers and e-mail address for us to contact you.

Tickets can be cancelled/switched up to 48 hours in advance on weekdays and up to 72 hours in advance on weekends.

Customers will be charged a cancellation fee of 5% of the transaction amount.


Policy and Terms of Use

Please read all of the conditions carefully.

Use of this website (hereinafter: “the Website”) is subject to the terms of use set forth below. Website use reflects Website customer (hereinafter: “the User” or “the Customer”) consent to the content of the terms of use. The Cameri Theatre may amend the Website terms of use from time to time, without providing advanced notice thereof and the said changes will enter into force upon their publication. The Website terms of use are formulated in masculine form for purposes of convenience only and are directed equally toward men and women.


The Website respects the privacy of the users who access it. All of the details will be kept confidential and, in the absence of User consent, will not be disclosed to any entity that is not authorized by law or by these terms and the Theatre will not make use of such details except as set forth below.


Database and Data Security

By law, Users are not required to disclose information or details about themselves. Without providing such information, Users will be unable to place orders or register to the Club. The information and details provided by the users when placing an order through the Website, as stated, will be kept in the Cameri Theatre database.

The Theatre shall take all reasonable security measures to secure the information provided by the Users.

The Website complies with the PCI DSS standard and it operates data security systems to protect user privacy. The systems reduce the risk faced by information transferred over the internet. Nevertheless, the Website cannot guarantee absolute protection against unauthorized access. Therefore, the Website shall bear no liability, direct or indirect, when information and pictures submitted by the Users are used as a direct or indirect result of unfair use by others or when derived or acts and/or omissions that are not subject to Website control.


Use of Information

Use of the information or details provided by the User, as stated above, shall be subject to the data security policy, legal provisions and for the following purposes:

Placing orders and purchasing subscriptions and/or tickets to plays and shows held at the Theatre.

Delivering Theatre-related information and publications to the User’s e-mail address. Users may, at any time, notify the Theatre that they no longer wish to receive such information and content.

Contacting the User regarding an order that was placed.

The Cameri Theatre undertakes to avoid, to the extent possible, the disclosure of user details to third parties, unless the user granted permission thereto or where it is required in order to address a request raised by the User or where the User has violated the Website terms of use or used the Website to carry out activities that seem illegal or an attempt to carry out such actions or where the Cameri Theatre is presented with a judicial order requiring it to disclose User details to any third party.


User Liability

The User agrees that he will exclusively bear any liability and risk of any damage and/or loss caused thereto due to use of the information appearing on the Website, including a third party.


Website Availability

The Theatre undertakes to handle and maintain the Website to the best of its ability. However, the Theatre does not guarantee that the Website will be available for use at all times and without error or that service flaws or faults will be repaired. In addition, we reserve the right to discontinue Website activity with no prior notice.


Intellectual Property and Creators’ Rights

The Website is exclusively owned by the Cameri Theatre and is its intellectual property and, in the absence of a contract, written and signed by the Cameri Theatre, no one shall have monetary or intellectual rights or claims to the Website whatsoever, in the present or future.

Users may not transfer, distribute and/or duplicate any information or pictures protected by creators’ rights, trademarks or any information belonging to an intellectual property holder, without written consent from the authorized entity at the Cameri Theatre.



Where a dispute or conflict arises between the parties in relation to the content of the terms, including terms of use and anything derived thereof and/or related thereto, unique jurisdiction shall be granted to the authorized court in Tel Aviv.

These terms and the conditions thereto will be governed by the laws of the State of Israel and they shall be thereby construed.


We wish you all a pleasant and efficient Website visit.

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