The Cameri Theatre of Tel Aviv

The Cameri Archive

The Gershon Plotkin theatre archive and the Zeev Raichel Plays library
The irreplaceable artistic treasure that was staged in The Cameri Theatre has been collected over the years and kept in the theater’s archives.

From the moment The Cameri Theatre was established in 1944, the theatre creators started to document their work and collect photos, texts, and more. One of the most prolific among them was the esteemed director Gershon Plotkin.

In the 1990s, Zeev Raichel, a known theatre enthusiast, managed the archive. Raichel significantly expanded the archive collection and established a library of plays in Hebrew. He continued to oversee the place until his death in 2008.

Today, the archive is under the supervision of Yoram Amir and Dr. Avi Brecher. It is partly digitized. In the archive, one can find a priceless collection of photos, texts, programs, videos, and additional materials of The Cameri Theatre’s productions. The unique plays library in the archive has more than 4,600 translated and original, classic, modern, and contemporary plays. They are all available for reading or purchase.

The archive has a reading room open to the public, and a viewing table, in which the visitors can watch video records of productions.

Visiting the archive is by prior arrangement only.
Phone: 03-6061933
Email: [email protected]
Admission to the archive is free of charge.

Opening hours:
Sunday 17:00-20:00
Tuesday 17:00-20:00
Friday 9:00-12:00


The archive services:
Play photocopy – 30 NIS
Video watching (price per person for one visit) – 30 NIS
Program or photocopy of programs – 10 NIS (some programs may cost 15-20 NIS)

The entrance to The Cameri Theater Archive is available from 30 Leonardo da Vinci Street in Tel Aviv.

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