The Cameri Theatre of Tel Aviv

Getting Here

Come to the Cameri and park at discounted rates


Golda Parking Lot – Ahuzot Hoff parking lot is located beneath the Cameri Theatre. Enter the parking lot at 30 Leonardo Da Vinci St., corner of 6 Berkovich St.


Parking Lots in the Cameri Theatre Area

Parking lot at Dubnov 7, Parking lot at Dubnov 4 – Netivei Ayalon

Parking lot at Dubnov 3 – Netivei Ayalon

Bikurey Ha’Itim parking lot – 5 Leonardo Da Vinci St.

Parking lot at Dubnov and the corner of Shaul HaMelekh Blvd.

Parking lot at 10 Ha’Arbaa St.

Museum Tower parking lot – 8 Shaul HaMelekh Blvd.


To view a map of Ahuza parking lots, press here

Public Transportation

The following bus lines arrive at the Cameri Theatre: 9, 38, 70, 82, and 142


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